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06 Sep 10 Signs You Need A Professional Cleaning Service

Top 10 Signs You Need A Professional Cleaning Service

10 Signs You Need A Professional Cleaning Service - A professional cleaning service is not as expensive as you may imagine and it can save you more than $$$


As you flip the switch, your office comes to life with a pale light, reflecting and bouncing off the walls and desk.  There on your desk, you see a small yellow note addressed to “The Big Human”.  As you sit down and open the note it reads:

Dear Human,

On behalf of the entire Arachnid population here in your office,  we would like to inform you of our decision to vacate the premises.  It’s just too darn crowded.  We’ll bill you for the inconvenience and pain. 


Wolf, Daddy Long Legs, and Brown Recluse Spiders

Not a good sign when your spiders are leaving the office.  Time to call in a professional cleaning service.

Professional Cleaning Service


You exit your office for your weekly staff meeting only to meet the steely eyed cold stares of your coworkers.  Innocently you ask,

“Is there a problem?”

From a mound of papers and debris behind the front desk a head pops up, it’s your secretary.  She holds a cardboard sign that reads:

On Strike

Maybe having them be responsible for all office cleaning wasn’t the brightest idea you’ve ever had.  Get some professional help and they will thank you for it.

Professional Cleaning Service


Do your clients comment on the unusual aroma in your office?

Do small rodents stage sit-in protests outside your restrooms because of the unsanitary conditions?

Have you noticed your employees wearing new hazardous material masks at their desks?

It’s time to call in a professional cleaning service.

professional cleaning service


That South o’ The Border burrito you had for breakfast is trying to make a comeback and you need to find relief fast.  You race to the restroom, burst through the door and find your throne, just as the floodgates release.  As you wipe your forehead and sigh, you look around for the usual white roll and to your horror, you see nothing but a brown cardboard roll.  Evidently, you are not the first to make that discovery.  Old copies of the Wall Street Journal and other similar news publications litter the floor, that’s when it hits you,

“Someone is slacking off in the re-supply department.  Oh darn, that’s right.  I am the re-supply department”

Wouldn’t it be nice never having to worry about sanitary supply issues?  A qualified professional cleaning company can take care of all those supply worries.

Professional Cleaning Service


You decide it’s time to change up the office by moving your desk closer to the window.  Looking at the bare carpet, where your desk once rested, you see the ugly truth; your carpet isn’t rustic brown after all, It was once a lovely off white shade.  Don’t worry; it can be restored to its former glory, or at least close.  You can be free to move furniture as you please if you consider a professional cleaning service.

Professional Cleaning Service


Ted sat at his desk and felt the depression begin to envelop him.  Another foggy day.  When will the sun return… he thought to himself?

Just then, he heard the youthful sounds of children laughing outside his office window.  As he looked, words began to form on the foggy panes of glass,

“yeh hsaw em won!”

What the heck, he thought.  What could that mean?  Ted rushed outside and ran to his office window.  Looking at the glass, he read,

“Hey, Wash Me Now!

As he sat there in the warm afternoon sun, he realized it wasn’t foggy at all. His windows were just filthy. Still don’t think you need a professional cleaner? Think again.

Professional Cleaning Service


If you can’t see your office floor due to the piled books, papers and trash, you might need a cleaning service.

If they have to use the jaws of life to help you get into your office, you might need a cleaning service.

If you have to bring in a police dog to help you find your desk, you might need a cleaning service.

Professional Cleaning Service


Do you have toilets that seem to be a lab experiment gone wrong?  You know the ones.  The water is a disgusting shade of greenish brown and there is a ring forming that would make your mother blush.  We’ve all see those gas station bathrooms out in the boonies; the ones where the sink was probably white at some point but now is just an indescribable grey color.  If your restrooms qualify as one of these, you might need a cleaning company.

professional cleaning service


It’s time for a visit to the break room but as you approach, there is a strange odor wafting through the air.  It smells like fish, burnt tacos and something you can’t quite put your finger on.  Whatever it is has destroyed your appetite so you decide to go out for lunch instead.  Sound familiar?   Wouldn’t it be nice to have a clean fresh smelling break room every day?  A professional cleaning service can make that dream a reality.

Professional Cleaning Service


You know it’s time to hire a professional cleaning company when you no longer need a white board during meetings.  You simply scrawl notes in the dust and grime on the wall.  Dust on desks, chairs and walls can build up making everything look dull and dingy.  A professional cleaning service can keep your office looking fresh and enjoyable.

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Isn’t it time to offer your employees something more?  Professional cleaning companies offer more than just a clean work environment, they offer contentment.  Call Proactive Commercial Cleaning today to get your free quote.

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