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Our Janitorial Service in Utah is What makes us different?  Office Cleaning Services That Are Second To None.

Janitorial Service Utah – When it comes to Office Cleaning Services, the key to our success is being vested in our relationships with our clients. We are RELATIONSHIP DRIVEN. We are committed to creating win/win relationships with our clients. If it’s not a win for you, it’s not a win for us. We know that if you are impressed with us and the way we do business, you will be more likely to not only, stay long time clients but that you will recommend our office cleaning services to your business associates and friends.

Janitorial Service Utah

Janitorial Service Utah – Attention to all of the other details is important to us too and these areas include:

  • Wipe and disinfect doorknobs, telephones, and light switches
  • Kitchen and lounge area cleaning
  • Horizontal surface area and high dusting
  • Window washing
  • Light fixtures and baseboards

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Janitorial Service Utah
Janitorial Service Utah
Janitorial Service Utah

Restroom cleaning and disinfecting:

Janitorial Service Utah – From the ceiling to the floors, the air vents to the horizontal surfaces – everything gets attention. We have even had restrooms that we clean be swabbed by students who were working in the health science lab, trying to grow cultures. This was not a planned event and we were excited to hear that the bathrooms came back with superior ratings, no bacteria were found. We are proud to say that our standard of clean is indeed superior.

Stair and elevator cleaning:

Nothing is more distracting than riding on a dirty elevator or climbing dusty stairs. Making sure entry into your buildings via elevators, stairs, hallways and entries assure both you and your customers a pleasant experience.

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