Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions regarding Proactive Commercial Cleaning services

Why office cleaning?

Let’s face it – nobody wants to do business in a dirty office, not clients and not employees. At ProActive Cleaning we believe that everybody has a better overall experience and are more productive when they are in a clean space.

What do you clean?

Click on our services page for a detailed list, but in a nutshell – anything! If you wish to have something cleaned that is not on the list ask us about it and we can see about making it happen. As far as types of business, you name it we will clean it.

Where do you clean?

We cover any part of Idaho & Utah.

What if I do not want all the services you provide?

No problem. We will customize our services to fit your specific needs and budget. At Proactive Cleaning you will only pay for the services you receive.

Do I have to sign a contract?

Nope! We are so confident that you will be thrilled with our service that we do not require contracts. We just ask that should you discontinue service, you give us 30 days notice. For those of you who are more comfortable with having a contract, we have them if you want them.

How do I get a quote?

Get a Free Estimate, or pick up the phone and give us a call at 801-860-2619 to schedule a walk through.

How does payment work?

We bill you between the 1st and 5th of the month for that months work. Payments are due in 30 days (unless other arrangements have been made). Payments not received within that 30 days will have a 1.5% or $25.00 late fee (whichever is greater) added to them. Please send all payments to:

Proactive Cleaning
1752 N 4325 W
West Point, UT 84015

When and how often can you clean?

We can clean as frequently or infrequently as you desire. What do we have to offer?

Day Porters
Our Day Porters are equivalent to a tech crew behind the scenes of a Broadway Production. You hardly notice their presence but you know they’ve done their job because the details are handled. Our Day Porters are knowledgeable in everything from cleaning to fixing drywall, touch-up paint and other building maintenance items. You can count on them to have excellent communication skills and to be able to oversee special projects and coordinate with various people to ensure projects or emergency situations are handled promptly.

Night Evening Crews
Our Night Crews work as teams to clean your place of business in the most effective manner, saving you money. There is always a Team Lead on site. Our Night Crews are typically responsible for vacuuming, sweeping/mopping, removing garbage, disinfecting restrooms and various other jobs. The Team Lead will always make sure your building is secure while they are inside and when they leave.

Quality Control Managers
Our Quality Control Managers (QCM’s) go through thorough training and are extremely detail oriented. They know what to look for to make sure your building maintains its spectacular appearance. Our QCM’s provide an on-site inspection of your building every two weeks. At that time they meet with the staff to go over any details that will make your building look even better. Our QCM’s also have a weekly conference call with the Day Porter and/or the Team Lead of the Night Crew to keep everyone on the same page.

When can you start?

Generally, we can start as soon as you contact us. So what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone! 801-860-2619

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