About Proactive Commercial Cleaning

Here you will find everything you ever wanted to know about proactive commercial cleaning.  Get to know us, we live and work in your community.  We’re your neighbors helping to keep the corporate world clean and organized.

Family Owned

ProActive Cleaning started as a small business run by Jen Christensen. She began by going door to door from one business to the next in search of people who would trust her to clean their offices. Her husband, Mike, soon saw the potential and took a leap of faith, as he quit his job to join her. Together, they have created a company that is focused on creating long lasting relationships with their clients. They have created a business they are proud of.  Just one more interesting fact about Proactive Commercial Cleaning.

Our Commitment

We are committed to our clients and their absolute satisfaction with our services. Most people think that cleaning is a simple job that requires very little skill. On the contrary, paying attention to the small details is what is so unique about Proactive Commercial Cleaning.  We take time to clean each building according to their unique requirements; it’s paramount to us and it’s what will keep you as one of our loyal and happy customers for years to come.

Our Cleaning Standard

From the ceiling to the floors, the air vents to the horizontal surfaces – everything gets attention. We have even had restrooms that we clean, swabbed by students working in the health science field in an attempt to grow cultures. This was not a planned event but we were excited to hear that our bathrooms came back with superior ratings, no bacteria or cultures were found. We are proud to say that our standard of clean is indeed superior, just one more thing unique about Proactive Commercial Cleaning.

Our Guarantee

At Pro-Active Cleaning we are 100% committed to providing you with excellent results. If you are ever unhappy with our work for any reason, contact us by 10am the next day and we will re-clean the area in question at no charge.

Our Core Values
  • Flexible – to suit your hours and your cleaning needs.
  • Open – to hearing feedback that will allow us to improve both our performance and our relationships with our clients.
  • Relationship Driven – we are committed to creating win/win relationships with our clients. If it’s not a win for you, it’s not a win for us. We know that if you are impressed with us and the way we do business, you will be more likely to not only, stay long time clients but that you will recommend us to your business associates and friends when they are looking for cleaning services.
  • Thorough – is the most important part of what we do.
  • Fair and Competitive – we maintain a fair and competitive price and we know we are biased, but we believe that for the money, we have the BEST prices for the BEST work.
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